• Importance of a Complete Mental Routine


    Nathan excellentWhen I ask golfers why a good mental routine is important to them, I usually hear bits and pieces of truth, but I hardly ever meet anyone who has a full understanding of why they will benefit from a complete mental routine.

    • The main reason for a complete mental routine on the golf course is that it focuses your mind on the task at hand instead of the result. This comes in handy when you have a 5 foot putt for birdie on the last hole to win a few bucks… or a million bucks. If a random thought about what the putt is worth jumps into your mind, I can guarantee you will not give the putt your best effort.
    • A complete mental routine gives your conscious mind a familiar place to go while your subconscious mind takes care of the stroke. Your mental game gets better the more you  practice it, just like your physical game! This is great news to those of you who think you are just not blessed with a mind capable of focusing. The more you practice your mental routine, the more familiar it will become…and the better you will perform under pressure.
    • Your mental routine is key to gaining control over your emotions on the golf course. When you practice your mental routine, you are really practicing the control of your thoughts. The thoughts that you think are what leads you to feel different emotions.

     In my next post I will describe the 3 steps of my complete mental routine.


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