• Plan, Commit, Evaluate


    plan,commit,evaluateLast post, I discussed the importance of hitting your golf shots with a complete mental routine. Now for the good stuff! Here is how I do it:

    1. Plan. When I am getting ready to hit a shot, I stand behind the ball looking at the target while I develop a plan. To plan effectively I determine: What the lie of the ball will allow me to do, where I want the ball to end up, the trajectory of the shot that I want, the shot shape of the ball flight, what club I want to hit, etc.

    After I have gathered all of these factors I take a practice swing. In my mind, the last thing I do before I approach the ball is to cement the feel of the whole swing in my conscious mind – not any individual piece of the swing but the whole swing. I already want to feel like I’ve already hit the ball in my mind before I address the ball.

    2. Commit. Once I have my plan in place, I commit to it and I hit the shot keeping in touch with the feeling that I cemented in my mind during the planning stage.

    3. Evaluate. The second the ball leaves, I ask myself two questions: Did I have the right plan? Did stay committed to my plan through the whole swing?

    I like to think of my body as a finely tuned golfing machine that plays best when I just do my simple routine and nothing more. I just need to turn the machine on and then let it run. Every time I start my mental routine, I turn on the machine and get out of the way.


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