• Short Game: How to hit high and low wedge shots


    When it comes to the short game, your ability to control the trajectory of the golf ball will take shots off your score. Sometimes, the right trajectory at the right time will be the difference between saving par and settling for double bogey. Here’s how to hit high and low wedge shots.

    The Low Shot:

    Low wedge collage wordsTo hit the low wedge shot, I play the ball a little back in my stance and I keep the club-head low to the ground at the top of the back-swing and at the finish. Another way of looking at it is that I do not use much wrist action for this shot.

    When the ball lands on the green, it will take a big bounce, then a couple small bounces and stop. I love to use this shot into the wind or when I have a lot of green to work with.

    The High Shot:

    High wedge colloge wordsTo hit the high wedge shot, I play the ball a little forward in my stance and I let the club-head reach toward the sky at the top of the back-swing and at the finish. This means that I use the most wrist set possible on this shot.

    This shot will go high in the air and land like a sack of potatoes. Usually it just takes one small bounce and finishes within a few feet of where it landed. I really like to use this shot when there is not much green between me and the flag because of how softly the ball lands.

    One reminder when hitting this high shot: Always make sure that you have a good enough lie to pull it off. To read more about when to hit it high or low, click here.

    These simple principles of where to finish your back-swing and follow-through will give you control over the trajectory of your wedge shots. Have fun hitting it high and low!


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