• Golf Grip: Placing your glove hand correctly


    Holding the club correctly with the glove hand promotes stability, mobility and consistency in your golf grip.

    Developing the correct grip is a tricky process. I’ve never seen a beginner golfer naturally put his/her hands on the club the right way the first time. Ever.

    All new golfers say that the correct grip feels awkward at first, but they get used to it pretty quickly after they see what an impact it has on their ball-striking.

    Here are my steps to placing your glove hand correctly on the grip:

    I start with a new golf glove and a red sharpie.

    grip 2nd knuckleI put a red dot on the second knuckle of the glove hand.

    grip palm padThen I put a red dot on the palm side of the glove: Right in the middle of the fleshy part of the palm pad. The exact location on the glove is 1/3rd of the way down from the wrist end of the glove to where the pinky finger starts.

    Once I have these two dots in place, I hold the golf club in my right hand while I take my left-hand grip.

    grip placing palm padI make sure to put the red dot on my palm pad exactly on top of the shaft. On my grips there is a little white line/mark that signifies the top of the shaft. When I’m placing my left hand on the club, I just make sure that the red dot is in line with that little white mark. In the picture above, I am in the process of matching that red dot to the top of the shaft.

    If your grips don’t have a mark to tell you where the top of the shaft is, just hold the shaft parallel to the ground and make sure that the leading edge is pointed straight up toward the sky. Then you will be able to correctly find the top of the shaft.

    grip left hand toe up

    Once you have the palm pad placed correctly on top of the shaft, you want to make sure you can just barely see the red dot on your second knuckle when you look down at your hand. This will ensure that your left hand is in the perfect position.

    grip toe upWhen you have correctly placed your left hand on the grip, put your right hand on the club and you will be ready to go.

    Because the grip is such an important part of the golf swing, I will go into more detail about it in upcoming posts.

    Thanks for reading!


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