• Golf Grip: Pointing the V’s


    The “V’s” of the golf grip refer to the area where the forefinger and thumb come together on both hands.

    V's final

    When you look at the grip from a face-on position, the idea is to have these V’s to be pointing in the same direction.

    parrallel V's 1It’s acceptable to have the “V’s” point anywhere between the right shoulder and sternum (for a right-handed golfer).

    Left hand v 1Depending on your swing, and type of shot you want to hit, the left hand “V'” can point anywhere in the shaded area above.

    Right right hand v1The same goes for the right-hand “V”. My goal in my swing is to always have the “V’s” aligned, no matter what kind of shot I am hitting. The more they both point toward my sternum, the easier it to hit a fade. The more the “V’s” point toward my right shoulder, the easier it is to draw the ball.

    When the “V’s” are in a position that is easier to draw the ball, it is considered a “strong” grip. When the “V’s” are in a position to fade the ball it is considered “weak” grip.

    I have found that the weak grip works best for short shots, and the strong grip works best for long shots.

    Here’s a good rule of thumb for the beginner golfer: Make sure the “V’s are aligned and pointing at the right arm-pit. Also, the beginner should use same grip for every shot. As you get more advanced, you can start to branch out and move the grip around for different types of shots.


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