• Make More Breaking Putts


    Do you miss a lot of putts on the low side of the hole?

    Breaking putt low sideIf you do miss frequently on the low side, you are not alone. The majority of golfers miss their breaking putts on the low side. In fact, studies have shown that most golfers miss about 85% of their putts on the low side.

    One thing that has helped me make more breaking putts is to focus on the exact spot that I want the ball to fall over the edge of the cup. Picking this exact spot is much better than just vaguely looking at the entire hole.

    Breaking putt yellow arrow1Even if I miss my spot, the ball will still have a chance to fall in. (See green area on the hole below.)

    Breaking putt green side1Next time you practice breaking putts, notice the exact point where the ball falls over the edge of the cup. Thinking about this small point will have a big impact on how many breaking putts you make.


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