• Left-handed Pitch Shot

    Left hand pitch

    You might not need the left-handed pitch very often, but when you do need this shot, you will be glad you practiced it.

    I have used this shot fewer than 20 times in 6 years of tournament golf, but being able to execute it on the first try has sure come in handy. Here’s my three keys to the left-handed pitch shot:

    1. Turn a high-lofted wedge backwards and play the ball back in your stance. In the picture above I am using a sand wedge.

    Left handed pitch shot face on2. Grip the club left-hand-low and point the butt of the club at your right hip at address.
    The butt of the club should pivot at your right hip through impact in the same way that it pivots at your left hip during the right-handed pitch.

    3. Concentrate on brushing the ground while you swing through the ball. You will want to take 3 or 4 practice swings to get used to brushing the ground left-handed. One of the most common misses when hitting this shot is to whiff and miss the ball completely.

    This shot is a lot of fun and I guarantee you can take some money off your buddies in a chipping contest if you practice up on it!




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