• Steps to the Full Swing Set-up


    Here are my steps to the full swing set-up:

    Set-up 11. Standing tall, I take my left hand grip and hold the shaft out in front of me with the toe of the club pointed up at the sky.

    Set-up22. I put my right hand on the grip of the club.

    Set-up33. While keeping my upper body nice and tall, I slightly flex my knees.

    Set-up44. Keeping my knees slightly flexed and my upper spine straight, I tilt at the hips.

    set-up red lines finished5. Last of all, I keep tilting at the hips until my hands are hanging underneath my shoulders. Then I let the club-head drop to the ground and I am ready to swing!

    Going through this process may seem tedious at first, but with practice you will be able to do all 5 steps at once without even thinking. Also, you can read about the importance of balance in your set-up by clicking here.



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