• Full Swing Finish

    Finish footworkThe finish and the set-up are the most important parts of my golf swing. If I set up correctly every time and finish correctly every time, I stand a pretty good chance of making a good swing every time.

    When I come to a correct full swing finish, I:

    1. Let my right foot rotate so that the heel is pointed directly toward the sky.

    2. Stand tall with all of my weight balanced on my left foot.

    3. Point my belt buckle and right knee directly at the target.

    4. Finish with my right shoulder closer to the target than the left.

    Finish arrowsFinishing in balance will have a huge impact on your swing. To finish in balance you must swing smoothly and also move the lower body first at the beginning of the down-swing. If you swing too fast with your upper body, you will tend to lose your balance during the swing.

    I consciously practice completing my full swing finish more than any other moving aspect of my swing. When I am working on my finish, I like to hold my finish and count to 3 while I watch the ball fly toward the target.


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