• Chipping Drill for Solid Contact


    To perform this chipping drill, you just need a shag tube, a business card and a club to chip with.

    8 iron chip over tube

    To set up the drill, I place a ball about 20 yards from the pin making sure that I have just 4 or 5 feet between me and the edge of the green. This will enable me to work on a low shot that flies a few feet onto the green and then rolls the rest of the way to the flag.

    Once I choose the spot to hit from, I place my shag tube about 3 feet in front of my ball. This forces me to hit down through impact so the ball will pop up over the tube. Hitting down through impact will alleviate the most common chipping miss that I see on a regular basis: The bladed shot.

    This bladed shot usually occurs when the golfer looks up too soon, and the club-head impacts the ball while traveling upward. When the blade happens, the ball never gets airborne and usually rolls too far. (Always remember: The main key to hitting solid chip shots is to make sure the club-head is descending at impact.)

    After the shag tube is in position, I walk out onto the green and place a business card on the spot where I think the ball should land.

    8 iron chip zoomed inThe business card shows me exactly where I want to land the ball while the shag tube gives me instant feedback on whether or not I hit down correctly through impact. If I don’t stay down through the shot, I hear a loud clang and the ball will bounce right back at me.

    In the picture above, I am using an eight iron to hit the chip shot. I can use any club from an 8-iron up to a lob wedge for this drill. If I switch to a club with more loft, I will have to move the business card (my landing spot) farther away from me. For example: If I were to switch to a 9-iron for the shot pictured above, I would walk out onto the green and move the business card about 3 feet farther away from me.

    Have fun using this chipping drill for solid contact!


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