• Punch Shot Basics

    Punch shot collage

    When I need to hit a low shot under a tree, I take a mid or long iron and hit a punch shot. In the pictures above, I am using a 7 iron from about 90 yards. Below are my punch shot basics.

    Punch shot set-up


    1. I take a narrow stance with my trailing (right) knee pointed in front of the ball and I play the ball off of my trailing instep.

    2. I put about 70% of my weight on my lead (left) foot so that my head is in front of the ball from the face-on view.

    3. I point the shaft at my lead hip.

    Punch shot backswing

    Top of Backswing:

    1. My trailing knee stays pointed in at the ball.

    2. My trailing elbow stays in front of my body and close to its original set-up position.

    3. My head stays in its original set-up position.

    Punch shot finish


    1. My right knee comes through so that I finish with my belt buckle facing the target.

    2. My left elbow stays in front of my body.

    3. I finish with the shaft approximately level with the ground.

    These basic fundamentals help me keep the ball low under the trees. I know they can help you as well!




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