• Three Keys for Playing out of Firm Sand


    Do you know what to do when there is not much sand under your ball in a greenside bunker? Many golfers make the mistake of playing this shot like they would any other greenside bunker shot. However, if they do not alter their set-up to account for the firm sand, the sole of the club will bounce up into the ball, causing the golfer to blade the ball over the green.

    Here is how I set up when there is not much sand under the ball:

    Greenside Sand. FirmAnd, here is how I set up to a shot with a normal amount of sand under the ball: (See below)

    Greenside Sand. Soft

    I have three main points of focus when there is not much sand under the ball:

    Sand firm colloge marks

    1. I play the ball farther back in my stance. (Yellow dotted line above)

    2. I square the clubface to the target line. (Red Circle above)

    3. I lean my weight left so my head is in front of the ball. (Green dotted arrow above)

    These three adjustments ensure that the clubhead will dig instead of bounce off of the firm surface. Squaring the clubface while playing the ball back in my stance exposes the sharp leading edge to the sand. And, leaning my weight left helps me have a steep backswing and downswing which further ensures the club will dig into the sand.

    From this set-up position, the ball will ride out nicely on a cushion of sand even out of the barest of lies in the bunker. When you practice these three keys for playing out of firm sand, you will get the ball on the green every time!


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