• Full Swing Acceleration Drill

    Swish drill collage

    This full swing acceleration drill is one of my favorite drills of all time. It gives me the feel of what my body needs to do to accelerate the clubhead through impact.

    Here’s how I perform the drill:

    First, I grip the clubhead-end of the shaft with my trailing hand and position my body in my normal set-up posture.

    Swish drill set up
    Then, I take a one-handed backswing while letting my arm fold the same way it would if I had two hands on the club.

    Swish drill backswingI start the downswing with my lower body…


    …and rip through impact. My goal is to hear the shaft swishing through the air as long as possible on the way to the finish.

    Swish drill finish
    Immediately after doing this drill, I turn the club around and hit some balls. I always immediately notice improved contact and straighter shots after doing this drill.

    Next time you are on the range, give this drill a try. It will give you the feel of effortless acceleration in your golf swing.


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