• Ball Above your Feet in a Greenside Sand Trap


    When faced with a ball above your feet in a greenside sand trap, a common miss is to hit too far behind the ball and leave the ball in the bunker. Here’s what I think about when I hit this shot:

    sand ball above set upAt address, I choke down on the grip and stand tall with a little less knee flex than I would normally use out of a greenside bunker. Also, I aim a little right because the ball will come out left of where I aim.

    sand ball above backswingI take my normal greenside bunker backswing…

    sand ball above top of backswing…with the shaft of the club pointed up in the air at the top of the backswing.

    sand ball above downswingOn the downswing, I stay tall in my posture.

    sand ball above follow through 1I accelerate through impact and splash the ball out just like I would out of a normal lie…

    sand ball above follow through 2…and I let the clubhead rip through the air on the way to the finish.

    Sand ball above finishMy ball flies through the air, takes a few hops and spins to the left on the green.

    Next time you are faced with this lie, just remember these fundamentals:

    sand ball above collage1. Choke up on the grip and aim to the right.

    2. Set up with a more upright spine angle than normal.

    3. Stay tall and accelerate to the finish.

    Have fun practicing this shot: Having the ability to confidently swing out of this lie in a greenside bunker could save you a shot or two in your next round!


    For more on greenside sand shots, click here.


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