• Something Good Can Come from a Bad Shot

    Finish ThinkingHave you learned how to turn a bad shot into a positive learning experience?

    After hitting a bad shot, many golfers become upset by focusing on the result of the swing instead of analyzing why they made a bad swing.

    If I hit a bad shot, I immediately think about what my mind was doing before and while I hit the bad shot; not on how many strokes the bad shot is going to cost me. This analysis is what I call the evaluation stage of my mental routine. Click here to read more about the three steps of my mental routine.

    When you train yourself to do this evaluation after every shot, you give your mind something constructive to do. Also, if you realize that you made a mental mistake, you can decide to not allow it to happen again and then move on to the next shot. This allows you to truly forget about your bad shots and move on to your next shot.

    When I am tempted to dwell on the bad result of a shot, I like to ask myself what is more important: The result of one bad shot, or the mental attitude that I am developing from that one shot. In the long term, the mental attitude that I develop from all of my shots collectively is much more important to my success than the individual result of each bad shot.

    Next time you hit a bad shot, just use it as a reminder to do the evaluation part of your mental routine. When you learn from your bad shots you will realize that something good can come from a bad shot!


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