• Starfire Golf Club: Pepsi Tour – Day One, 72

    Starfire, 1.5.15

    Overview: I really enjoyed playing today! The weather warmed up to 70 degrees over the course of the day and the course is in great shape. It’s still a very amazing feeling to be able to swing after so much time off with the shoulder issues… I’m very thankful to be out on the course again!

    #1: Pulled my drive left out of bounds, but responded by hitting driver, 3 wood from 250 yard to about 60 feet and almost made the par putt.

    #2: Missed the green short and executed my chip shot just how I wanted. However, I failed to remember that the ball rolls out farther when the green is elevated and my ball rolled 10 feet past leading to bogey.

    #6: I hit driver, 3-iron from 210 yards to about 60 feet and chipped it close for an easy birdie.

    #11: I hit 3-iron, 9-iron from 144 yards to 15 feet and made the putt for birdie.

    #14: I hit a perfect 7-iron from 169 that landed 3 feet short of the cup and rolled over the edge of the hole to about 5 feet past. I hit the birdie putt just how I wanted, but didn’t play quite enough break and made par.

    #16 requires a draw off of the tee and I didn’t aim far enough right and hooked it out of bounds. However, I responded with a good 2nd tee shot and a good approach and almost made the putt for bogey.

    #18: I hit 3-iron, pitching wedge to 40 feet just short of the green and chipped in for birdie.

    Positives: I stuck to my mental routine and did the best I could on every shot. Also, even though my score wasn’t great, I started to get back in the competitive feel of getting the ball in the hole. I have two more days to go!

    Areas to Improve: On the first hole, I picked out a target on the right side of the fairway and then didn’t commit to my normal left to right ball flight. My ball hooked into the road left of the fairway and out of bounds. This was a good wake up call to pick targets on the left side of the fairway and commit to working the ball from left to right like I have had success in tournaments in the past.

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