• Starfire Golf Club: Pepsi Tour – Day 2, 76

    Starfire, 1.6.15Overview: Another perfect weather day today. I didn’t have a good feel for my swing and only hit 3 greens out of the first 10 holes. On number 11 I had a flashback to a feeling that I have had in past tournaments in regard to my backswing and followthrough. That feeling got my swing working again and I hit 7 of the last 8 greens in regulation. I’m excited to carry that momentum over to tomorrow’s round.

    #7: I hit driver, 52 degree wedge from 118 yards to 5 feet short of the green and chipped in for birdie from 30 feet.

    #11: I hit 3-iron, 8-iron from 154 yards to 10 feet and made par.

    #12: I hit 3-iron, 52 degree wedge from 101 yards to 12 feet and made par.

    #13: I hit driver just barely in the right rough and had mud on the back of the ball. The ball took off low left and I ended up settling for par on the short par 5.

    #14: I hit 7-iron from 176 yards to 30 feet and made par.

    #15: I hit driver, sand wedge from 108 yards to 20 feet and made par.

    #16: I hit hybrid into the left fairway bunker, but had a root in front of my ball. When my ball took off it hit the root and went left leading to a bogey.

    #17: I hit 8-iron from 161 to 20 feet and made par.

    #18: I hit 3-hybrid, sand wedge from 110 yards to 20 feet and made par.

    Positives: I made every putt inside of 5 feet. Also, the feel of extending my left arm behind me at the top of my backswing got my body turning back, and the feel of extending my right arm after impact helped my acceleration through impact that was lacking on the first 10 holes.

    Areas to Improve: I will stick with my practice routine and play more tournament rounds to get my tournament swing back to a simple feeling. I’ve been hitting the ball great in practice, it will carry over to tournaments very soon. Tomorrow will be a good day!

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