• Lining Up for Range Practice


    Here’s how I make sure that my alignment rod is set up properly when I practice my alignment on the driving range:

    Lining up range practice I start by crouching behind the ball: I lay down an alignment rod pointing parallel to the line that I want to start the ball on.

    Lining ball and feet lineThen, I lay a rod directly down the line that I want the ball to take off on.

    Lining up taking ball awayI take the ball out from under the rod…

    Lining up measuring alignment rods…and double check that my lines are parallel by measuring with the grip of two clubs. I adjust the alignment rod on the left if needed.

    Lined up on the rangeThen I take away the rod on the right and replace it with a ball. Now I am ready to practice knowing that I am lined up correctly!

    For more info on alignment, check out Feet and Shoulder Alignment, Check the Alignment of your Feet and Towel Alignment Aid.

    Also, you can buy these sticks that I use for alignment at Lowes or Home Depot for about $2.00 each. They are just reflector rods. Have fun practicing!


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