• Drill: Clip the Tee


    Many golfers struggle to develop the feel of how to correctly swing through impact; When they address the ball they tighten up and hit poor shots. This is usually because they put pressure on themselves to hit a good shot instead of just focusing on a good swing.

    Here is a simple drill that can free you up to get the feel of what it takes to swing correctly through the ball.

    Tee Drill
    1. Put a tee in the ground so that it is just sticking up a couple centimeters above ground level.

    2. Then take a full swing while focusing on clipping the top of the tee out of the ground.

    3. Repeat clipping the tee out of the ground three times in a row.

    4. Swing through a ball that is resting on the ground while only focusing on the feeling of clipping the tee out from under the ball.

    This simple drill is great for beginners, but it also can help advanced players as well.

    About five years ago I faced the dilemma of playing tournament golf during a period of time that I was working hard on my swing mechanics.

    When I was in tournaments, I was battling too many technical thoughts about my golf swing, making it hard to free up and just play golf. However, I found that picturing a tee underneath my ball and then focusing on the feel of clipping it out of the ground really helped me let go of my mechanical thoughts and freed me up to just swing through the ball. I actually have played quite a few tournaments focusing on this feel during my full swing and short game shots.

    I know this simple drill can improve your ball-striking. Have fun practicing!



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