• Pro-Scratch Golf League: Papago Golf Course, Phoenix, AZ

    Papago 5.18.15Overview: It was great to get out and play golf today! The weather was about 80 degrees with about a 20 mph wind. Also, the greens were rolling true and the rest of the course was in great shape. I hadn’t played in two weeks so it felt great to be out on the course competing again!


    Hole #2: Driver into the right rough and then a low 3/4 gap wedge from 105 yards to 10 feet. I made the right to left breaking putt in the center of the hole.

    Hole #7: Driver with the wind 320 yards down the middle of the fairway. My pitching wedge from 134 yards flew 30 feet over the flag and then I made that putt for birdie right in the center of the hole at perfect speed.

    Hole #8: I missed the green to the right and then hit a difficult chip to 10 feet. I made the 10 footer for par.

    Hole #15: Driver into the right desert. I topped my 3-wood back into the fairway and then hit my 21 degree hybrid into the wind over the green from 208 yards. From there I faced a tricky chip that broke about 20 feet to the right. I chipped it to 7 feet and made the putt (which broke about 8 inches to the right) for par.

    Positives: I hit a lot of good shots in the wind. Also, I putted well and mentally did a good job of not over-reading my putts. My thought was to just see it, hit it and let it go.

    Areas to improve: On three of the par 5’s I had pitch shots for eagle and walked away with par. I wasn’t in the correct mindset when I hit these pitch shots as I was tentative and left them all short. In the future I will be more aggressive and try to make them for eagle.

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