• Pro-Scratch Golf League: Starfire Golf Club, Scottsdale, AZ

    Starfire, 6.16.15Overview: It was a hot, windy day at Starfire today. The course is in great shape and I hit some good shots today. The hole locations were in some tricky spots which is probably why the scores weren’t very low.


    #1: Driver into the right rough. Then, from 260 yards, I hit 3-wood over the green and left myself a 30 foot chip for eagle. I focused really well on the chip shot and made it in the center of the hole at perfect speed with my 60 degree lob wedge.

    #5: 3-wood off of the tee to just in front of the green. From 30 yards I pitched to 5 feet with my 52 degree gap wedge and then made the putt for birdie.

    #13: I hit driver down the middle of the fairway. Then, from 187 yards, I hit 6-iron to 9 feet and two-putted for birdie.

    #15: Driver down the middle of the fairway. Then, from 102 yards, I hit sand wedge 30 feet past the flag and made the long double breaking putt for birdie.

    #18: I ripped driver down the left side of the fairway to 40 yards short of the green and then pitched to one foot with my 60 degree lob wedge for an easy tap-in birdie.

    Positives: Toward the end of the round, my swing started feeling really good. I was really feeling good extension on the backswing and follow through and didn’t miss any shots after hole 12. Also, my putting wasn’t perfect but it is improved from my last 3 days of practice.

    Areas to improve: Keep working on focusing and committing to the target. One last look at my target and then still see the picture of the target in my head while I’m swinging while looking at the ball. Patience: I am expecting really low scores because my game is really sharp, but I know from past experience to just be patient and those low scores will come. On number 8, my ball moved on the putting green after I had addressed it, so that was a one shot penalty. Also, I hit 8 putts today when I wasn’t fully committed. However, I was committed during the other 22 putts so my percentage of committed putts is better from my last tournament. I will keep working on it.


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