• Pro-Scratch Golf League: Starfire Golf Club, Scottsdale, AZ

    Starfire, Squire, Hawk, 6.23.15Overview: It was great to get out and play at Starfire again this week! We were on the Squire and Hawk nines. The course was in great shape and I had the pleasure of playing with a few of my students! I am so blessed to be able to play and teach golf every day.


    #1: Driver down the right side of the fairway. Then from 162 I hit 9-iron to just in front of the green and chipped to 3 feet. I made that 3 footer in the center of the hole for birdie.

    #2: 52 degree wedge that finished about 10 inches from the cup for an easy tap-in birdie.

    #3: Driver into the trees in the right rough. Then from 192 yards I hit 7-iron up over the trees to 20 feet from the pin. My eagle put just missed but left me with an easy tap-in birdie.

    #9-11: I missed these greens, but got up and down from some tricky spots each time to save par!

    #16: Hybrid into the left rough. Then from 97 yards, I hit a sand wedge over the water to 20 feet from the pin. From there I made the putt right in the center of the hole with perfect speed.

    #17: Pitching wedge from 146 yards to 15 feet. Then I made the 15 footer right in the center of the hole with perfect speed for birdie.

    #18: Perfect drive down the middle of the fairway. Then from 42 yards, I hit 60 degree lob wedge to 8 feet and made the putt in the center of the hole at perfect speed for birdie.

    Positives: My putting started to click on the back 9 as I started crouching more over the ball. Also, I am completing more of my swings, which is a sign that I am fully committed to my process for each shot. I love playing golf!

    Areas to improve: Swing like a pro every time, no lazy swings ever. Complete every swing and also stick with improving my pre-shot routine and practice routine.

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