• Pro-Scratch Golf League: Papago Golf Course, Phoenix, AZ

    Papago 6.30.15Overview: Another great day at Papago this week! The greens are punched so they were a little bumpy, but it was good experience to go ahead and fully commit on all of my putts. Even though my score wasn’t as good as I expected, I see signs of great golf ahead! I was able to give myself two good looks at eagle today and I also stretched myself to work on hitting some hard draws with my driver to get some extra yardage on a few of the holes.


    #1: Driver down the center of the fairway. Then 3-hybrid from 256 yards to just left of the green. From there I pitched to 8 feet and made the putt for birdie.

    #9: Driver into the right fairway bunker. From a tough downslope lie with the lip of the bunker in front of me, I hit a 3-hybrid from 236 yards to 20 feet for a great opportunity for eagle. Best shot of the month! From 20 feet, I just missed my eagle putt and the two foot comebacker got knocked off-line by an aeration mark and just missed, so I settled for par. My putting was just fine, I did the best I could in the moment.

    #10: I hit a big draw with my driver down the middle of the fairway and then hit a 6-iron to 15 feet from 200 yards. My eagle putt almost fell and I had an easy birdie.

    Positives: I am making more committed and free swings thanks to my new mental routine. Thanks to Dr. Gregg Steinberg for his help and showing me the areas that I could improve on!

    Areas to Improve: Stick with my new way of practicing: Putting more pressure on every part of my game while I practice.



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