• Pro Scratch Golf League: Starfire Golf Club, Scottsdale, AZ

    Starfire, Squire, Hawk, 6.30.15Overview: The weather was great today, with about a 10 mph wind from the west and the temperature about 100 degrees. It was great to have my good friend Scott Wilson caddying for me! My shoulder is feeling good and it was a blessing to shoot a 8 under on the back nine!


    #3: Driver into the left rough under the trees. Then I hit a low punch, hooking 7-iron to 15 feet from 167 yards and two-putted for an easy birdie.

    #7: I hit driver onto the middle of the green on narrow but short par 4. There is water left of the green and short of the green, so I was very happy with the tee shot. From there I two-putted for birdie.

    #11: Driver into the right rough about 40 yards from the pin. From there I hit a low sand wedge under a tree that landed on my exact spot I wanted and then trickled onto the green right into the cup for eagle!

    #12: I hit 3-hybrid to just in front of the green and then chipped to 4 feet. I was faced with big break but made the putt for birdie right in the center of the hole at perfect speed.

    #13: Driver down the middle of the fairway and then 9-iron from 147 yards to 8 feet. The 8-footer for eagle broke just a little right and fell into the left side of the hole!

    #16: Draw 3-iron off of the tee into the center of the fairway. Then from 125 yards I hit pitching wedge to 20 feet and made a right-to-left breaking putt right in the center of the hole at perfect speed.

    #17: The tees were moved up to 100 yards and I hit a 60 degree lob wedge to 12 feet just right of the flag. From there I trickled the right-to-left breaking putt into the high side of the hole.

    #18: Driver down the center of the fairway. Then from 70 yards I hit a sand wedge to 16 feet. From there I made the down-hill right-to-lefter for birdie.

    Positives: I am so thankful to have a team forming around me. It’s so great to have my good friend Scott Wilson caddying for me. He has been helping put pressure on me in my practice this past week and he helped me stay focused during the round. I look forward to many more rounds with him on the bag! Also, I got to play with my good friend, swing coach Austin Blake. He spotted something in my swing a couple days ago that I could improve. Another member of my team is mental game coach, Dr. Gregg Steinberg. He called me a couple days ago with some more valuable advice. I am really excited to have such quality people around me. They are an answer to prayer. The final team member that I am looking for right now is an investor or group of investors to help with expenses to get to the PGA Tour. If you know anyone interested in investing, please contact me at grant@grantbrowngolf.com. Thanks!

    Areas to Improve: I mis-hit two wedge shots today because I didn’t set up with enough weight on my left foot on a downslope and when the ball was sitting in a bad lie. In the future, I will do a better job of recognizing the bad lie and adjusting. Also, I will practice my lag putts that start uphill and then finish downhill.



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