• Pro-Scratch Golf League: Silverado Golf Club

    4.26.16 Silverado

    Overview: The weather was about 75 degrees with a 10-15 mph wind and the greens were firm and fast. I played solid and found a good feeling with my putter on the 8th hole so I had a lot of confidence putting on the last 10 holes.


    #1: Driver down the middle of the fairway, then 4-iron from 220 yards to the front fringe and then chipped to 2 feet for an easy birdie.

    #3: Driver into the right trees. From 178, I hit a knock-down, hooking 7-iron with an abbreviated follow-through so that my clubhead wouldn’t hit a tree on the follow through. This shot ended up 15 feet from the flag and I made that putt for birdie.

    #9: Driver into the right trees. From 220 yards, I hooked a 4 iron into the greenside bunker. Then exploded a sand shot to 2 feet for an easy birdie.

    #11: Driver into the right trees. I had an opening, so I hit a low 7-iron from 183 yards to 30 feet right of the hole. From there I two-putted for birdie.

    #12: I found my driver swing and ripped a drive into the greenside bunker. From there I almost holed out the explosion shot and then made a 5 footer for birdie.

    #13: 9-iron to 20 feet. The 20 footer for birdie fell in on the last roll

    #14: Driver down the middle of the fairway. Then I hit 3-hybrid from 240 yards to 15 feet for eagle. The eagle putt just missed but it was an easy birdie.

    #16: 4-iron off the tee. Then I hit pitching wedge to 10 feet below the hole from 130 yards and made the putt in the center of the hole for birdie.

    Positives: I was focused on about 90% of my shots today and backed away from 3 shots because I realized I wasn’t focused. I got too aggressive on my chip on #2 and after that I learned my lesson and let everything trickle to the hole because of how fast the greens were. Also, I realized I haven’t been forward pressing enough on my putts. On the 8th hole it occurred to me forward press a little more because I could feel myself decelerating on my putts on the first 7 holes. After that my speed was perfect and I hit my line every time.

    Areas to Improve: Feel the driver clubhead in the slot on the downswing from the very beginning of the round. I found the feeling on #12, so better late than never.


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