• Tournament Recap: Pro Scratch Golf League at Starfire Golf Club


    Overview: The weather was perfect at about 95 degrees and not much wind. The front nine (Squire) had just been overseeded with rye grass and the back nine (King) hadn’t been overseeded yet, so it was still bermuda grass. So the ball didn’t roll out on the front nine fairways and the greens were slow. On the back 9, the greens were fast and the ball rolled a long way in the fairway.

    Leading up to this round I have been dealing with a pectoral muscle injury for the past 3 months. I’ve really been missing playing golf. Over the last few weeks I have played three other rounds with scores of -4, +3 and -2 but this was the first round where my body feels 100% with no pain. I’ve got a good exercise routine going now, so I plan on staying injury free and playing more tournaments in the near future.


    #1: Driver, 4-iron from 210 yards and then chipped from 10 yards to 6 feet and made the putt for birdie.

    #2: Gap Wedge from 114 yards to 15 feet long, left of the flag and made the putt for birdie.

    #7: Driver almost out of bounds right, and then pitched from 45 yards to 12 feet and made the putt for birdie.

    #10: Driver down the middle and then 7-iron from 186 yards to 10 feet and then made the uphill putt for eagle.

    #14: Driver down the middle to 20 yards in front of the green, then pitched to 6 feet and made the right-to-left putt for birdie.

    #15: Driver, then 6-iron into the left bunker. There wasn’t much sand in the bunker and my ball ended up in a water puddle at the bottom of the bunker. Instead of taking a drop onto the dry, crusty sand, I chose to hit out of the puddle and got covered in mud. But it was worth it because I hit it to 5 feet and made the right-to-left breaking putt for birdie. 🙂

    Positives: I putted well. Planned my line and then stayed committed without doubting while I stroked the putts. I also chipped well and drove the ball relatively straight on the back 9.

    Areas to improve: Ball striking was not my best, but I missed in the correct spots. I will stay down longer through impact and hit solid shots next round.


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