• Tournament Recap: Pro-Scratch Golf League at Silverado Golf Club

    Overview: Perfect weather and Silverado was in great shape. It was fun to play this course again as I haven’t been on it in a while.


    #1. Driver down the middle, then 6 iron to 25 feet and two-putted for birdie.

    #7. Driver into the right trees. Then hooked a 9-iron onto the green about 60 feet from the hole. Then made the 60 footer the broke over 5 feet left to right for birdie.

    #9. Driver down the middle of the fairway.  Then hybrid to just right of the green. Then chipped to 4 feet and made the putt for birdie.

    #11. Driver down middle of the fairway and then 5-iron to the left fringe. Then chipped to a foot for an easy birdie.

    #12. Driver into the left rough. Then hit 60 degree from 50 yards to 6 feet and made the fast downhill putt for birdie.

    Positives: On number 6 I realized I wasn’t making a full shoulder turn on my full swings. So after that, I hit the ball a lost better. Also, I hit the ball close to the flag quite a few times, just didn’t convert many putts.

    Areas to improve: I got too caught up in distractions and wasn’t nearly as focused as normal. I didn’t get in my normal “I will” mindset. I was kind of hoping instead of doing. I will not let that happen again. I will commit on every shot in the future. On the last 5 holes I missed 4 make-able putts because I was doubting a little instead of fully committing. The reason I was doubting was because I was thinking too much about what the putts were for, instead of just hitting the putts with full commitment. This was probably one of my most valuable rounds in terms of a wake-up call to stay committed on my shots under pressure. Also, this was very valuable in terms of starting to feel how my full swing feels with a full shoulder turn.

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