• Tournament Recap: Pro-Scratch Golf League at Starfire Golf Club

    Overview: Another perfect weather day in AZ. About 85 degrees and not much wind. I didn’t capitalize on a lot of my opportunities on the front nine and end of the back nine, but still shot a solid score thanks to a good stretch starting the back nine.


    #4. Driver into a tree on the left. Then 6-iron from 210 yards hooked around and over the trees to just in front of the green. Then chipped to a foot for an easy tap-in birdie.

    #6. Driver into the left rough. Then pitching wedge over the green from 132. Then chipped in for birdie.

    #10. Driver down the middle of the fairway. Then 8-iron from 178 yards to 12 feet above the hole. Then made the downhill, left to right breaking putt for eagle.

    #11. Sand wedge to 6 feet from 97 yards. Made the putt in the center of the hole.

    #12. Driver down the middle of the fairway. Then 5 iron from 212 missed left of the green. Then pitched to 10 feet and made the putt for birdie.

    #13. Faded driver around the corner of the dogleg right into the middle of the fairway. Then pitching wedge from 134 yards to 3 feet and made the putt for birdie.

    #16. Driver left of the green. Then pitched to 12 feet and made the putt for birdie.

    Learning Opportunities:

    #1. Missed short in the greenside bunker and then splashed it to 3′. However, I lost focus and pushed the putt. Next time I have short, downhill left-to-right putt, I will stay committed to my line.

    #9. Had 52 yards to the pin and didn’t commit to the correct number I was going to fly the ball. I flew it 48 yards and it went off the back of the green. Next time I will carry the ball 44 yards and then let it roll up to the hole.

    #14 and 18. I left two easy pitches about 8 feet short. I realize I was in a protective mindset, not assertive like I usually am. Next time I will be focusing on making those pitch shots in the hole.

    #15 and 18. Left two putts an inch short. I will be more aggressive on those putts next time.

    Positives: My new driver is flying 300 yards which is a 10 yard improvement over my last driver. Also, my controlled irons shots were the correct distance, so I’m getting the feel of my new irons. Also, I had good intensity on most of my putts.

    Areas to improve: I will hit a little fade with my driver and I will stay in the shot and hit my irons solid when I’m swinging them full. Also, I will focus on making every short game shot in the future.

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