• Tournament Recap: Pro-Scratch Golf League at Ken McDonald Golf Course

    Overview: A great day for golf with some clouds, 80 degrees and about 5 to 10 mph wind. The greens were rolling great and it was good to get back on this course for the first time in the last 10 months. I was a little tired from the morning’s workout at the gym, and my ball striking was off for the first 17 holes, but I made up for it with solid short game and putting.


    #1. Driver into the right rough. Then from 80 yards I hit lob wedge to 14 feet and made the right to left breaking putt in the center of the hole for birdie.

    #6. Driver into the right rough behind a tree. I had 80 yards in, and hit a high lob wedge to 20 feet past the pin. Then made the left-to-right putt in the center of the hole for birdie.

    #7. Driver into the left trees and a really bad lie in some tall grass with a mound right in front of my ball and trees in front of me as well. I had 99 yards to the pin and hit a low hooking pitching wedge, punch shot that flew over the mound, through a gap in the trees, landed on the front of the green and rolled to the flag and hit the pin and then bounced 12 feet to just off the green. I made that right to left putt in the center of the hole for birdie.

    #15. Driver into the right trees. Then hit a hooking 5-iron from 213 yards into the greenside bunker. Then splashed out to 4 feet and made the putt for birdie.

    #16. Driver into the left side of the fairway. Then 8-iron from 176 yards to 30 feet. Then made the right-to-left breaking putt in the center of the hole for birdie.


    Learning Opportunities:

    #4. I had 210 yards to the pin and needed to hit a 30 yard hook. I used a 5-iron and didn’t close the face enough which left me with a really tough shot from right of the green. Next time I will take a 6-iron and shut the face more to hit the amount of hook I want.

    #’s 1-17. I was out of sync with my swing on the first 17 holes. It was really crazy how badly I hit the ball. I never hit anything close to how I wanted to until on the 18th hole. On number 18 tee I realized I hadn’t been letting my arms go through soon enough. With that feeling I carried my driver 300 yards in the air down the middle of the fairway and then hit my most solid approach shot into the green.

    Positives: My personal par on every course I play is -6. So I’m really glad that I was able to battle and almost get to that. I got up and down 9 out of 9 times from some really tough spots. On my putts on numbers 1 through 3 I missed my line, but realized my shoulders were a little open after the putt on number 3. After that I hit my line every time. On number 1, I actually pushed my putt, but it turned out I had mis-read it and it ended up breaking left and going in the hole.

    Areas to improve: Keep getting stronger in the gym to where I can work out and then go play and not have it affect my swing. Also, I will let my arms go through sooner on my full swing. Also, I will play the par 5’s at least 3 under in the future.

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