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My first 9 holes after our first golf lesson – best ball striking in over a year – first drive was 300 yards right down the middle! The improvement was very noticeable to the others in my foursome.  I am motivated to get back to the range to work on chipping and short wedges – remembering to focus on process (definitive swing thought) more than results.”
Tom M. Scottsdale, AZ

It is SO good to have fundamentals to fall back on when I am on the course and things begin to come a bit undone.  That is a BIG thanks to YOU GRANT!”
Phil M. Scottsdale, AZ

“Grant- you’re really helping me. I enjoy working with you. Your approach to my game     includes my perspective; you are not teaching a cookie-cutter golf game that is best for you to teach. I think you’re one of the better instructors I have had a chance to spend time with- rock on man! Can’t wait for more…”
Michael W., Phoenix, AZ

“Grant, I just put together 2 rounds below bogey, 43 back nine at Kenny Mac in a twilight league ($5 of skin pot) and a 72 at Bear Creek Executive course. These may not seem like big accomplishments to the single digit handicappers but to this 26 handicap it’s a reason to celebrate. I consider your lessons a significant contributor to my improvement path. Short game improvements have really helped. The 7 iron is a very reliable tool. I guess I’ll always work on the fundamental of takeaway, top of the back swing, and finish.

You taught this old dog how to practice. I would recommend anyone wanting continuous improvement in their golf game consider becoming one of your students. Good luck in pursuit to the show. I’ll definitely sign up for more playing lessons in the future.”
Bill K. Queen Creek, AZ

I have taken several individual lessons from Grant which included some Playing Lessons.  Each time I worked with Grant I came away with more of a natural way to approach the game of golf.  Grant is very easy, he is all about your particular swing and your style of approaching the game.  He doesn’t complicate the golf swing, he simplifies the golf swing.”
Craig C., Scottsdale, AZ

Being naturally athletic, I was really frustrated when it came to my golf swing, because no matter how hard I tried, or practiced, I could not get rid of that nasty slice, which deprived me from being able to enjoy the game.  I knew that I had it in me to become better golfer, but I just didn’t know how to get there.  That is, until my path crossed with Grant Brown’s.  Going into my first lesson with Grant, I was a bit nervous and intimated, because I was embarrassed about my swing.

However, as soon as I met Grant, he immediately put me at ease with his gentle and inviting demeanor.  This helped me relax enough for the rest of the lesson.  I really appreciate the way that Grant goes about teaching his students because he breaks each part down, works with you where you are at, and exemplifies incredible patience as the student wades their way through the challenge.  Because Grant took the time to break down the mechanics of the swing and explained to me why I was having my slice, it made so much more sense to me in how to fix the problem.

This educator side of Grant proved to be incredibly valuable to me.  Before I had my lessons with Grant, I was shooting in the 120’s.  Today, I am consistently in the 90’s.  This drastic improvement has enabled me to enjoy the game, and be more willing to accept invitations to go golfing with my friends and clients.  I have full confidence in Grant to help others break through their plateau, and reach their potential!”
David B., Phoenix, AZ

I am a true beginner at golf and have been taking lessons from Grant for about six months. Grant is friendly and courteous, and an astute instructor that breaks down the game and your swing into simple steps that are easy to understand and practice.  If you are a beginner like me, I would recommend Grant wholeheartedly.”
Allan K., Scottsdale, AZ

God’s grace is the ultimate source of peace and joy in my life. Trusting the promises of the Bible leads me to be sure that God created me, and that I am going to be with Him when my life is over. This knowledge gives me the energy and drive to give golf lessons and play tournaments at my highest level. As I say during my golf lessons, if you know the beginning (set-up position) and the end (finish position), it’s a lot easier to enjoy what happens in the middle.”
-Grant Brown

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Book a Lesson

“And the testimony is this, that God has given us eternal life, and this life is through His Son.”
1st John 5:11

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